inwi Business Datacenter

Benefit from the best hosting solutions in our international standard data centers

  • Tier 3 availability
  • Access security
  • International Interconnection
  • Power redundancy
  • Hands & Eyes Services
  • 24/7/365 supervision

Housing offers adapted to your needs

Shared Space

Shared Space

Full Rack, ½ Rack, ¼ Rack

Private space

Private space

  • Dedicated Rack : Rental of 42U-racks
  • Cage : Renting private space to customers who wish to have backup centers or private datacenters within the inwi Business Datacenters.

A high availability Infrastructure for your housing

inwi Business Datacenters are designed and built according to the following standards:

  • RPS 2000
  • Uptime Institut Tier III Facility (Rabat Technopolis)
  • ISO 27001

Speeds up to 2x800 Mbps

  • Redundancy of network equipment
  • Redundancy of on-site equipment
  • Varied connection paths and access points
  • Supervised networks
  • Supervised customer site equipment
  • SLA & customized escalation workflows
  • Proactive follow-up of qualitative KPIs of each link by the client's operational staff.
  • Symmetrical connectivity with bandwidth guarantees
  • Ability to reach the most isolated locations through VSAT technologies with a hub in Morocco

Our technical support teams are available 24/7

Need on-site assistance?

Checking the status of the equipment and lights identification

Power cycle: Equipment shutdown, startup or restart

Wiring check

Racking, wiring and connection


Insertion of USB key, DVD, DVD player, magnetic tape.

Providers’ transportation

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