Lan to Lan

  With inwi Business, your sites have never been so close!
The Lan-to-Lan solution provided by inwi Business empowers your employees to fully utilize the company's resources. It ensures an efficient interconnection of customer sites at incredibly high speeds.

Notably, this solution is not only easy to implement but also scalable, seamlessly adjusting to your evolving bandwidth requirements.

Lan-to-Lan advantages



guaranteed very high speed interconnections with native Ethernet interfaces

Access to Resources

Access to Resources

and enterprise applications

Wide Range of Internet Speeds

Wide Range of Internet Speeds

from 256Kb/s to 1 Gbps

Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

access equipment and maintenance available to our customers

High Level of Service

High Level of Service

with an availability rate of 99.90% year round

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The + of our Lan-to-Lan inwi Business offer

24/7 support with the Premium Option  

Ability to change the internet (bandwidth) speed at any time to adapt to changes in our customers' business and on-demand Internet speed

Managed router and cable extension

Link security with a guaranteed or peak end-to-end BLR link between 128k and 4M

Free extranet for fleet monitoring

Machine To Machine
International Leased Lines
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