Mobile Device Management

This platform will be able to securely manage all content. The application environment is available on the employees' mobile terminals.

In order to help you manage your fleet, our offer will also allow you to back up, restore and erase data remotely in case of loss or theft of the terminals.



administer and manage your mobile fleet in real time.



securely all your content through our platform



restore and erase data in case of loss or theft of devices

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A range of benefits

Flexibility of deployment: installation in the cloud or on site according to customer’s needs and his IT policy.

Access to an easy-to-use console covering all types of devices and operating systems

Coaching by experts and customization of personalization in the implementation of solutions.

Support provided 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with Premium Option


In the cloud

No physical investment, maintenance or management needed. A full service with immediate deployment.

On customer's site

To have an innovative and feature-rich solution managed by the customer

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