inwi Business Cybersecurity – SOC

Strengthen your security policies
Discover a SOC in perfect alignment with the NIST "Cyber ​​Security Framework"


Monitor your security on an ongoing basis

Detect, analyze and respond to security incidents using a combination of people, processes and technology

Proactively investigate suspicious activity

Ensure that potential security incidents are properly identified, dealt with and escalated

Continuous security and brand monitoring 24x7

Critical incident prioritization and recommendations

APT Advanced Persistent Threat reports

Customized threat alerts

Daily, weekly and monthly reports

Risk Analysis Threat Profiles

Executive reporting for top management

Vulnerability Management

Attackers are constantly looking for new vulnerabilities to exploit and taking advantage of old vulnerabilities that may not have been patched. Having a vulnerability management framework that regularly checks for new vulnerabilities is critical to preventing cybersecurity breaches. Our inwi Business experts provide: Analysis, report synthesis, coaching, security patch management, compliance ...

Flexible DeploymentCloudCloud and On Customer Premises
Internal / external scanExternalInternal and External
Number of IP addresses  S 10
Number of scanning devices-
 Number of customer accounts1
Additional scanning devices-

 On demand

 On demand

Additional IP addresses-On demand 

 On demand

Compliance report (PCI-DSS, ISO200X...)X
Customized reporting-
 Portal access-
Asset integrationIncluded, Max SIncluded, Max S Included, Max 10
 Remediation planIncludedIncludedIncluded
 Report-back session-Included

Savings in terms of infrastructure (CAPEX)

Availability of our Certified Experts

An efficient follow-up that allows you to efficiently monitor your patch management policy

A correlation with your risk matrix

Detailed and accurate reports

Meet your compliance requirements (PCI DSS, SOX, ISO27001, etc.)

Real-time vulnerability alerts

Incident Response

Call on our international experts who are available to intervene both remotely and on your premises.

Thanks to the expertise of our inwi Business teams, our tools and our knowledge base containing all security incidents, we will be able to respond quickly to all your problems.

  • Identify and categorize the attack
  • Contain the attack to prevent propagation
  • Put an end to the attackers' actions
  • Quick return to a functional state
  • Strengthen the security and response of the company

Depending on your needs, our experts can guide you towards a SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response),solution, an incident response automation solution to reduce the response time and the impact of incidents.

SOAR combines the data collection, standardization, use cases, workflows, and analysis required to implement defense-in-depth capabilities.SOAR enables our customers' security teams to automate and orchestrate mundane, time-consuming and repetitive manual tasks.

  • Dramatically reduce incident response time
  • Minimize the impact of security incidents on your infrastructure
  • Guarantee a high level of security over time
  • Save time and resources
  • A saving in terms of infrastructure for solutions in Cloud mode
  • Availability of our Certified Experts
  • Detailed and accurate reporting

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