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Our Cybersecurity Solutions

Protect all your resources against DoS (denial of service) attacks:


  • Daily monitoring and optimization of our Internet routes to various destinations
  • Solution backed by the world's leading DoS attack protection solutions.


  • Redundancy of international internet peerings: the attacks are stopped even before reaching the Moroccan territory
  • "Scrubbing Centers" available at all levels for optimal protection; attack mitigation is performed on different layers
 Managed Anti DDOS EmergencyManaged Anti DDOS StandardManaged Anti DDOS Premium
DeploymentCloudCloudCloud and Client Premises/On-Site
Number of MitigationsBy interventionUnlimitedUnlimited
Volumetric Attack DetectionIncludedIncludedIncluded
Protocol Attack DetectionIncludedIncludedIncluded
Application Attack Detection-On demandIncluded
Attacks MitigationOn demandIncludedIncluded
Application Mitigation-On demandIncluded
Mitigation Triggering30 min after Client quarantinePermanentPermanent
Availability99,8%99,8%CPE under 4 hours
ReportingEnd of Mitigation ReportMonthlyMonthly
Email Alert-IncludedIncluded
Portal Access-IncludedIncluded
Incoming Traffic-IncludedIncluded
Outgoing Traffic--Included


The security and managed firewall bundle for all businesses.

  • Zero Day Protection: Detection and protection against unknown attacks.

  • Web and Application Filtering: control Internet traffic, restrict documentation provided on the Web

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN): create a tunnel between remote computers allowing them to connect safely

  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention: Track abnormal/suspicious activity, gain knowledge of successful and failed intrusion attempts

  • Next Generation Firewall: Enforce network security policy, measure application and packet prevention

  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Anti-Spam: Detect and destroy computer viruses and spyware, Limit the volume of unsolicited emails

  • Identity Theft Protection: Protect against the theft of legitimate user credentials to access critical corporate information

  • Data Leak Prevention: Identify, control and protect information with in-depth content analysis
Commitment12 months24 months36 months
 Business Protect CleanPipeBusiness Protect VIRTUELBusiness Protect DEDICATED
Flexible DeploymentCloudCloudOn Customer Premises
Tailor-Made"A la carte" ProfilesBy flow rate and number of users
Next Generation FirewallXXX
ZeroDay ProtectionXXX
Intrusion detection/protectionXXX
Application controlXXX
Web FilteringXXX
Anti-Virus Anti-Spam Anti-SpywareXXX
File Filtering XX
DNS Sinkhole XX
Custom Policy XX
Extranet access XX
Identity theft protection  X
Data Leak prevention OptionOption

Ensure the availability and security of your web applications and application servers with proactive protection against attacks and vulnerabilities:

  • Advanced detection and protection of web application security.
  • Support for SSL endpoints
  • Protection against the most common attacks such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting
  • Compliance to standars and requirements , including PCI DSS, ISO 27001, FISMA, BITS and HIPA.
  • Event monitoring and alerts round the clock – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Automated scanning by a cloud engine to find known threats, abnormal behavior and suspicious activity

And many more benefits

State-of-the-art infrastructure managed without CAPEX

Visibility and control of applications

Monthly reports on application behavior

Increased website integrity and availability

Physical or virtual solution that can be implemented in the customer's data center

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