The Service that Converts Call Time to Mobile Data  
Convert'in is inwi Business’ service that offers you the flexibility and freedom to convert call time into Data GB based on your needs.  
With Convert'in, you can convert each month the hours of your package into Internet browsing capacity (GB), according to your needs and your monthly uses by a 100% digital experience. 
You will be able to enjoy more GB of internet and adapt your package to your usage.


15H + 15Go Pack


Convert 5h to 5GB


Convert 8h to 8GB


20H + 25Go Pack


Convert 10h to 10GB


Convert 20h to 20GB


30H + 35Go Pack


Convert 20h to 20GB

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Convert'in Benefits

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100% Digital

for more accessibility 

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Freedom of Conversion

hours of call time into GB of internet browsing

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More GB

of Internet for occasional use

How do I convert pack hours into GB?

Step 1
On my inwi App, go to Convert’in tab

Step 2
Choose the amout of GB you want

Step 3
Browse the internet with the Convert’in!

Step 1
Dial *120*3# followed by the call key

Step 2
Choose the amount of GB you want

Step 3
Browse the internet with the Convert'in!

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We have answers to your questions!

Convert'in is a service that allows you to instantly convert Voice balance into Data according to your needs and those of your collaborators.

This service provides optimal management of the monthly balance, allowing high-data consumption users to freely and autonomously convert their Voice balance into its equivalent in Data (example: 10H --> 10GB). This service is available on the My inwi application or by dialing *120# on the "Manage my plan" menu.

Choose the amount of GB you want to have:

By accessing the My inwi application -> "My line" tab -> Convert'in Or by dialing *120*3# followed by the call button

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