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Above all, a quality network means staying connected at all times, in good conditions and everywhere. Our teams work hard every day to give their best so that our customers can benefit from this network quality and optimum coverage throughout Morocco.

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How we deliver connectivity ?

Our approach to delivering connectivity revolves around establishing a robust and extensive network infrastructure. With a solid national network coverage that spans 90% of the country’s activities, we ensure that connectivity reaches far and wide. Our network consists of a long-distance, high-speed backbone that extends across the nation, supplemented by local loops to ensure comprehensive coverage. To achieve this, we have laid more than 9000 km of fiber optic cables, utilizing a combination of our own infrastructure and leased fiber from local companies. Additionally, we have strategically placed 40 metropolitan plates and connected over 2000 buildings, enabling seamless access to our network. We also use Wireless Local Loop and VSAT technologies. 

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